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The Sizzling Foreplay’s of Condom Application

condom application sex tip escort sydney girlsWhen you’re in heat and you already have someone who reciprocates similar nature, the idea is to go with the flow. However, what if you’re unsure about the safety that comes with the intercourse? No birth control pills or the person is a total stranger. How then will you proceed? Well, there’s this thing we call condoms and you can use it as you wish.

Condoms gives you the possibility to engage without having to worry as much. Although, it can get pretty draggy having to wait before it’s correctly applied. Here are tricks to blow past the dreaded state of application and make it part of the seduction during your foreplay!

1. Look babe, no hands!

If your hands are set to the side during sex, you can always use your mouth. Whilst your lady is giving you a blow job, have her put it on you using her mouth! The trick is easy. Just get her place the cap – shaped part on the corner of her mouth with the outside of the tip resting on her tongue. Then as she sucks your cock, the condom gets applied as it glides along the movement of her mouth!

2. It’s show time

Blokes like yourself are known to be very visual creatures which is why it is possible to get your partner to alter your degraded perception on condom application. Spice things up with her as you demand her to apply it as creatively and sexually as she could. Whether it be a lap dance or some hand job sessions, it will be enough to shed away those thoughts about feeling the drag in putting the bag!

3. Lusty rubbing

It is normal for you to be feeling the curves of your partners breasts as you stand behind her. However, this feeling is not subjected to guys alone. Girls like having to feel parts of your body too! With that, you can have your girl be positioned on your back with her brazen breasts touching your spine. Then, let her put the condom that way.

With her hands sliding down from your chest to your groin and to your hardness, it’s a guaranteed thrill for your entire body! This kind of trick is shared by a playful babe from Escort Sydney Girls and she admits it drives men wild to their desires!

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