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Interesting, and Truly Intriguing, Facts about Being “Intersex”

While you may have already heard about sexual orientations or gender types such as straight, gay, lesbian and even transgender, have you ever heard of something called “intersex”? (This sounds more like a street crossing or freeway to me!) Well, according to experts, 1 in 200 people, or 0.5% of the world’s population today falls under the umbrella term of intersex. Here are a couple of interesting and intriguing facts about being “intersex”.

55What “Intersex” Truly Means

If you and your hook-up buddy, or favourite Escort Sydney Girls, are currently discussing gender topics or gender-related issues, perhaps you should include talk about being “intersex’, because I’m sure you’re going to find it very interesting (or mind-boggling!).

According to experts, “intersex” is used as an umbrella form to denote a number of variations in a person’s bodily characteristics that do not match strict medical definitions of male or female.

Most Intersex Folk Are Healthy and Normal

Intersex is not a medical condition too, but it actually stands for the spectrum of variations of sex characteristics that naturally occur within the human species, and these characteristics may be chromosomal, hormonal and/or anatomical, and may be present to differing degrees. In addition, most intersex guys and girls are healthy, and only a very small percentage may have medical conditions which might be life-threatening if left untreated.

How Does it Differ From Being Transgender?

So, yeah you may have already heard a mouthful about what it feels to be “intersex”, but how different is it from being transgender? According to psychologists and sexual therapists, gender is one’s expression and identity of being male, female or any other gender expressions we have come to be more aware of.

 Sexuality, the experts add, is whom you are attracted to, and sex refers to your biology, the body you are born into, which is where the term intersex fits. Thus, intersex is distinct from one’s gender identity or sexuality, as it relates to one’s anatomy or biology. So, could it be possible that you could be intersex too, or your girlfriend, or even your favourite Sydney High Class Escorts?

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