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You’re breathing heavily, you’re sweating and it feels like you’ve lost about 10 pounds after that mind-blowing orgasm. As you make your way off her body, since you’re about to pass out, you see that she’s still sexually writhing – as if begging for more penetration. So what do you do? You have two options: You can either reject her and ask her to do something or prepare yourself for a second round.

Escort Sydney GirlsOf course, you’re totally going to choose the second option, right? Who doesn’t want to have another round of sex with their partner, most especially if you’re with a lady from Escorts Sydney Girls. The only problem is that there are some men you can’t easily go for round two! Try these helpful steps and you’ll definitely be giving her “double penetration” regularly.

Step #1: Keep it coming

After you have finished the first round, prepare yourself for the next by resting for a couple of minutes. Yes, it’s alright that you chill out for a little while.

Now, it’s time to cool off and get things started in the different way. Try doing it in the showers! Invite your lady to join you and spend a few minutes rubbing each other’s back, up and down. You’ll soon feel that both of your senses have awakened. Your bodies are so revved up, making room for another round of sexual pleasure.

Step #2: Let the arousal begin


Now that both of you are dry, lie down on the bed and encourage her to perform for you. Aside from the most delectable oral sex, ask her to do something else. Put on some kinky music and let her dance for you (strip tease, perhaps).

Then, you can slip a porn movie in the player. Lie back and enjoy the scenes that are happening on-screen. Porn is one way to bring out the nasty side in women. You can rely on escorts to keep the atmosphere sensual and steamy.

Step #3: Erection please.

Now that your penis is already hard and ready to get moving, it’s time to enter your most favourite place and start penetrating her. However, if you can’t maintain an erection once inside her because your dick might still be a bit numb, you might want to use a penis ring. This will help keep the blood trapped in your penis and keep you erect.

If you’re not a fan of sex toys, have your partner close her legs and continue to open your own. This way, the sensation will feel somehow tighter for you.

Step #4: Worst comes to worst.

Finding it difficult to keep your penis solid no matter how hard you try? Well, the best bet here would be focusing all your efforts in blowing her mind via foreplay!

Instead of trying all your might to have an erection through manipulation, use your fingers to play with her vagina. Tickle her clitoris while inserting your fingers in her pussy every now and then.

If you see that she’s getting to get excited, bring your face down to that area and lick away. Since there is no sense of urgency, take your time and move slowly. She will certainly reach orgasm without having to stick your penis in her wet pussy.

Feeling a bit hot and horny? Then give yourself the best sex and satisfaction you could ever imagine! Get yourself a sexy temptress in the gallery of Escorts Sydney Girls. Surely getting to second round will never be a problem!



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