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Escort Sydney Girls – Three Things To Do on Valentine’s Day That Aren’t Cheesy or Crappy

In case you still aren’t picking up on the subtle hints you girlfriend has been whispering into your ear or texting you (or you don’t really have a girlfriend), here’s the message loud and clear – Valentine’s Day is coming! And if you still don’t have an idea on what to do this day, here are a couple of truly cool Valentine’s Day ideas that aren’t cheesy or crappy.

Escort Sydney GirlsCreate a Spa at Home

If you feel like staying at home on February 14 with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Escort Sydney Girls, but you don’t like the idea of giving each other quick back rubs, while you’re just focusing on watching TV, why not create a spa (or spa-like environment) at home?

 You and your partner could give each other mud masks, and gently massage each other using any of the scented oils they use in real spas. This activity should be much better than doing a couple’s spa package, and looking at each other as strangers with cold hands remove the kinks from your backs!

Have a Bubble Bath for Two

If you and your romantic partner, or hookup buddy, don’t want to rub each other’s backs or  put on mud masks, you can actually choose to have a relaxing bubble bath for two, while watching an old movie at the same time (or watching a cool porn flick!), and initiating oral sex afterwards! This should help warm you both up, and make you ready to go!

Go to a Nice Hotel

If staying at home is not an option for you this Valentine’s Day (and if Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year), this should be the perfect time to get away. But if you’re not in the mood for travelling long distances, perhaps it would be nice if you get a hotel room in a completely different neighbourhood!

When in a posh hotel room, you’d still feel like you went away, but you won’t feel obligated to leave your room to go sight-seeing! And of course, it would be much nicer if you bring along the pretty and sexy Escort Sydney Girls with you!

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