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Escort Sydney Girls – The Spanish Are The World’s Best Lovers, While The Germans Are The Worst

For those who are looking for love and lust overseas, the recent survey on the world’s best and worst lovers could perhaps be of great help to you. According to data compiled by global research outfit, 15,000 respondents from 20 countries where asked to rate the bedroom talents of men from different nationalities. The survey results should perhaps surprise, if not puzzle you. Here’s a look at the results of the latest poll on the world’s best and worst lovers.

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Spain Tops The List Of The World’s Best Lovers

In the list of the world’s best lovers Spain tops everyone else, followed by Brazil, Italy, France, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Canada. The Spanish could be on top, because of their sangria sensations, while the Italians and the French are great because of their love for arts and culture. The Aussies are, of course, the folks “Down Under”, and maybe you could ask their lovely Escort Sydney Girls how their guys perform in bed.

Germany Tops The List Of The Planet’s Worst Lovers

The recent survey also listed the Germans as the world’s worst lovers, followed by England, Sweden, Holland, United States of America, Greece, Wales, Scotland, Turkey and Russia. The Germans were noted to be “too smelly”, while the English were deemed “lazy” and the Swedes were “too quick to finish things off”.

On the other hand, Dutch guys were noted to be “too dominating”, while the Americans were “too rough” for comfort, the Greeks were “too mushy” and the Welsh were “too selfish”. The Scots were noted to be “too loud” and the Turks were super “sweaty”, while the Russians were “very hairy”.

What’s so notable about the global survey on the world’s best and worst lovers is that the countries that landed on the top five were famed for speaking the language of love so well. A recent study in Spain showed that 90 percent of Spanish guys and girls were very satisfied with their sex lives. In Italy, the abundance of good wine and good food set the mood well for intense lovemaking.

In Australia, 75 percent of locals say they have had sex on the road, and more people fantasise about having a threesome with their partner, and lovely Escort Sydney Girls. Aussie men also have an average of 25 sexual partners, as compared to 13 for their US counterparts.

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