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Escort Sydney Girls – The Earth-Shattering Squirting and Some Tips to Make Your Woman Ejaculate Easily

Squirting has become one of the most intriguing subjects in sex. How does it feel? Is it pee that comes out from the pussy when a woman’s mind is flying above orgasmic clouds? Who knows? Although the feeling could be mysterious, but one thing is for sure… it brings such immense waves of ultimate pleasure to women.

Escort Sydney GirlsSince various ladies are now hoping to have an ejaculation, (and we know it could be difficult for others) the sex experts, escort Sydney Girls did a research to find some tips on how to make a woman squirt easily. Let’s start with the mood, position, and foreplay.

The Place, Her Position, and Warming Up With a Great Foreplay

This is the first part of the squirting journey. If ever a guy misses this, for sure, he’ll be heading to the “failure island.”

Before the sexual adventure starts, make sure the place is TIDY. You have to be certain about this. Most women are very keen when it comes to cleanliness. A dirty place can distract her, and eventually lose her mood. Also, don’t forget the smell, background music, and the lights. After the preparation, take a bath and for goodness sake, trim your fingernails!

Timer starts now. As she arrives to the place, comfort her. Share a story and make her laugh. If she’s now “on your board,” offer her a massage (make sure you’re great with this) Then, get her into mood by hitting some of her erogenous spots. Then proceed with foreplay.

What’s next?

The CLIT-GSPOT Stimulation DUO

This is the ultimate secret of squirting. Let’s begin.

During foreplay, fondle her neck, nape, and boobs gently. Don’t proceed to the clit immediately. Tease her first by running your tongue around her inner thighs or on her navel, and when she madly asks for it, proceed to your mission – the clit-g-spot stimulation.

Lick and make your tongue dance on and around her clitoris. Find the spot where she’s more aroused. Focus on it. But also take some time to lick around the area. Feel her tremble and hear her moans. If those moans are becoming louder, touch and put your fingers inside her wet pussy. Hola!

Inside her crack, find a swishy ball of skin (the G-spot). Then, continuously rub it until her whole body writhes and trembles with desire. Welcome euphoria!

REMEMBER: Don’t ever stop until she burst her orgasmic fluid. She’ll never forget you with this. Trust me!
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