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Escort Sydney Girls – The Definitive Guide to Becoming More Attractive to Women

Usually, pick-up lines are what most blokes rely on when trying to score with a lady, but you have to admit, having to think them up takes a lot of effort sometimes, without as big a return. Sure, you can use them on, say, Escort Sydney Girls and they’ll respond. But what about those times you’re at a bar or a social function of some sort, without a lovely lady on your arm?

Escort Sydney GirlsObviously you’d want to try and score – but how can you, when you don’t feel like you can match up to those guys who seem to attract women from the moment they step into the room? Here are a few tips on how to become more attractive to the ladies, to the point of getting laid whenever you want to.

  1. Pay attention to how you dress. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable when you go out, whether it’s to work or just to run errands. However, if you’re usually in a loose sweatshirt and denims when you buy groceries, women aren’t likely to give you a second glance.

To improve the way you dress, think like a celebrity. How would you want to look if there was a chance you’d be photographed at any moment? That should give you incentive to dress sharp.

  1. Walk tall. Have you ever hunched your shoulders and sunk further into your seat, while at the same time wishing you could talk to the gorgeous babe at the bar? If so, then it’s time you changed that habit. One reason women don’t seem to see you is because you’re also trying not to be seen.

Attract their attention by walking, standing, and sitting tall. This means lifting your chest a bit, sucking in that gut, and relaxing your shoulders – don’t slouch, though! Women are attracted by confidence, and even if that’s the last thing you’re feeling, there’s no harm in faking it until you can make it.

  1. Have a sense of humour. Women love intelligence, especially if that’s coupled with a wit that makes them crack up. Don’t be afraid to throw out a witty one-liner, and don’t take things so seriously, even if you’re trying your hardest to hook up with the babe you’re talking to. She likely knows what you’re trying to do, and being too serious won’t help your chances.
  2. Show curiosity. For most people, it’s easier to talk about themselves; when you’re trying to catch a lovely lady’s eye, however, don’t keep extolling your virtues. Take the time to listen to her, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The ladies like that better than you talking about your achievements.

If you know you can pull off the above, but feel you still need to get better at actually interacting with women, look for Escort Sydney Girls to keep you company and help you get some practice in.

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