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Escort Sydney Girls | The Best Tips for a Great One-Night Stand

When it comes to sex, standards have changed a lot over the years. What used to be taboo is slowly coming to the fore and is no longer frowned upon, for the most part. At the very least, people are realising their sexuality and have begun to embrace it. The sexy vixens at Escort Sydney Girls have done so for a while, if you think about it.

Escort Sydney Girls

Even with all that’s changed, though, there are some things that stay the same – like the one-night stand. It’s still the epitome of a casual fling, since neither one knows a lot about the person they’re hooking up with. Still, not every woman is up for a one-time deal. So, how do you meet with success when it comes to a one-night stand? The experts share a few tips.

  1. Don’t be in a hurry. Never mind if it takes an hour or more to slowly persuade your new friend to get frisky in the bedroom. Rushing to get in bed with her will turn her off more than make her feel flattered that you chose her. Show off your skills in flirting and keep things interesting, so she does eventually start to imagine what being in bed with you would be like.
  1. Your appearance matters. Did you know that men lower their standards when looking for a partner for a one-night stand, while ladies actually do the opposite? This just means you have to put in a little more effort when choosing your outfit and fixing your hair if you want to stand out from the crowd. Don’t worry – it’ll be worth it when you find yourself hooking up with that lady you were eyeing.
  1. Remember it’s about her pleasure. Go out of the way to make the hook-up worth it for her, and she’ll be more than likely to give as good as she gets. Go down on her, touch her the way she wants to be touched – make it her night. In the end, she’ll want to return the favour; you won’t regret your decision to focus on her pleasure then.

Do you feel like you need to hone your flirting skills, practice pick-up lines, and so on, but don’t think you can handle the dating scene yet? Go ahead and browse the gallery at Sexy Sydney Escorts to find the woman of your dreams – today!

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