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Escort Sydney Girls | 5 Simple Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Wear Condoms

Most people would tell you that wearing condoms is a must. After all, it saves you from lots of cases – from unwanted pregnancy to getting STDs. But hey, according to Escort Sydney Girls, there are still reasons why men might not want to wear one. Yes, that’s right – sometimes, not wearing a condom can actually be beneficial in one way or another.

Below are some of the reasons why you wouldn’t want to wear one.

Escort Sydney GirlsWorst Fashion Accessory

They are the worst fashion accessory. Well, basically, look at this goofy looking guy to the right. Why on earth would you want to support this kind of fashion trend? Condoms are clearly not designed to be worn on your cranium. This should not be taught in school. So people (especially those in the government) need to fix this.

They’re Not Comfortable to Wear

Condoms are simply so uncomfortable that they make sex miserable. If you wanted to experience that kind of pain, you’d go lather up in sun tan lotion, roll around in the sand and then run a marathon – say, uphill. No one has ever been able to perform while wearing a condom. So, if no one can even have sex while wearing a condom, why on earth would you ever wear one really?

Some Women Find Them a Bit Gross

They are kind of gross in reality. Think about it. They are slimy. They are stretchy. They are sometimes covered in weird textures. Ew, right? Just completely ew. Based on that description alone, women would really be having a second thought. And yes, that’s right – there are women who find them quite uncomfortable and, well, gross.

Pulling Out Is a Trick You Can Master

Seriously, it’s not like someone with a penis can accidentally start coming faster than you anticipated, right? It’s not like there isn’t any pre-ejaculate that has semen in it that can travel up the vag and make nice with an egg for the next nine months. When pulling out works, it works. But why turn sex into a stressful experience? Just throw on a rubber and don’t worry about it. But of course, you’ll be compromising the satisfaction you should have gotten from doing it raw.

Your Partner Can Opt to Birth Controls

Like, everyone with a uterus is either popping birth control pills or rocking an IUD. And as long as your partner can’t get pregnant, that’s what matters, right? In fact, there are some of these that can now effectively prevent STDs and other known sexual diseases. You just have to do some research.

Sometimes, sex can be best enjoyed when condom is not involved. But of course, there are consequences that you need to understand and anticipate. Well, if it is sex that you want, then better get in touch with Escort Sydney Girls. Call them now!

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