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Escort Sydney Girls – 5 Questions to Ask a Woman That Can Help You Get Laid

Sometimes, all you need is a simple question to ask her. And viola, you’re off to a sex adventure. According to Escort Sydney Girls, asking her some questions – be it dirty or not – can be key to winning her heart. It’ll warm her up and tease her in one way or another. And, as long as you ask the right question, it’ll give her a quick boost. If you want to know what sort of questions these are, continue reading. They are listed below!

Escort Sydney GirlsAre You Alone Now?

This question is perfect to understand if she’s idle and all alone at home. You obviously can’t flirt or talk sex if her friends are around her. Say something bold like “I wish I could be there with you”. When she reciprocates with an affirmative, then you have the go signal.

Do You Like Being Cuddled?

Do you like cuddling when you lie in bed? Of course, almost all women want such experience. Warm her up to a flirty conversation without overstepping the line. This can help open her up by talking about cuddling with someone else. In fact, you can get her wet and horny just by texting her such question. You’ll surely be on the right track.

What Are You Currently Wearing?

A curious question that’s perfect to ask a girl when she’s in bed already. It’s personal, and yet not too sexual. Say something like “Gosh, I can only imagine how cute you look right now.” Remember to say this when she describes herself. And of course, don’t forget to appreciate first what she’s wearing. Say something like, “Wow, that should be cute.”

Have You Watched A Couple Making Out?

Yes, you can always ask this one here. And don’t worry, it won’t really get her to be turned off. You see, this question gets both of you in the mood. And yet, by directing it at a third person, you can avoid any uncomfortable situation at the start.

Did a Guy Touch You When You Were at a Club or Something?

Girls have a thing about sexual groping. Even if it’s accidental, it’s something they just don’t forget. You can answer something like “I wish I could have been that guy!” after she tells you about an incident she likes. You’ll surely see her blush, a signal that she actually likes it. And when you think she does, make her even more provoked. Say something like, “Well, no wonder. You really have a nice ass though.”

Learn more about the secret to getting laid by calling Escort Sydney Girls now! The girls there have the know-how when it comes to such topic. So if you want to get laid tonight, then learn from the experts.

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