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Escort Sydney Girls | 4 Things About a Woman’s Breast That Most Guys Have No Idea

Most guys often assume that they already know a lot about a woman’s boobs, or breasts. However, the truth is that most dudes still don’t know a lot about a woman’s boobs, apart from the usual shitty stuff that they learn from watching all those crappy porn videos. Thus, we asked a couple of lovely ladies to share 4 things about a woman’s breast that most guys have literally no idea of.

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Touching Them Does Not Always Feel Nice

Ask any woman, out there, including the hot and sexy Escort Sydney Girls, and perhaps they’ll all tell you that while most dudes instantly get turned on by touching a girl’s goods, many ladies say that touching their boobs doesn’t always feel good for them!

We talked to a popular sex therapist before, and she told me that “most men don’t know that women feel very little to nothing when their tits are fondled” (at least for larger boobs that are touched and fondled a lot!). The sex therapist further added that not every woman is into having her nipples sucked on, because they feel like it’s just a baby breastfeeding!

Breasts Get Bigger, and More Sensitive, During Periods

Most boys are also unaware of the fact that women’s breasts get bigger during periods, and they get more sensitive too. However, the sensitivity is not something the women like to experience, and this may explain why they don’t like it touched by guys because they’re just real sore!

They Require Some Grooming

If you think that it’s only the areas below a man or woman’s body that grow hair, think again. In fact, women get hairs growing on their nipples too. However, most women enjoy plucking out dark nipple hairs out with a tweezer!

You Don’t Need to Treat Them Both Equally

While it would of course be so sweet if you would want to pay an equal amount of attention to both breasts, the truth is that some women say you shouldn’t feel bad about leaving one nipple without as much love as you gave the other, because they really won’t notice it!

And unlike when a girl makes a grab for a guy’s dick, fondling a girl’s boobs doesn’t necessarily have that same turn-on effect on the ladies! Thus, when you’re with your hookup partner, or preferred Escort Sydney Girls, don’t always go straight for the boobs, but start by kissing and fondling her in different parts!

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