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There are numerous reasons why Sydney is a must-visit. But wait till night falls and you’ll know what most gentlemen are raving about. In the heart of the city lies a seductive haven filled with modern temptresses within your arms reach.

We’re talking about professional and highly-reviewed escorts who can give you the most satisfying experience you prefer. Escort Sydney Girls give you a glimpse of what Girlfriend Experience is all about and what you should expect.

sysney escortsThe Girlfriend Experience

Commonly referred to as GFE, it’s a popular service offered by escorts. It concentrates on a deeper personal interaction when it comes to lovemaking wherein an escort acts like a girlfriend to the client. It includes numerous activities.

French Kissing – This starts the excitement, the fire! With her soft lips brushing against yours and her subtle tongue leaves an eroticised impression. Nothing beats the kiss of a femme fatale who can mesmerise you with her kissing expertise.

Mutual Masturbation – Let her watch you getting hard and feel her getting wet. This activity can appease the inner voyeur and exhibitionist in you. You’ll definitely start to feel the atmosphere getting steamier by the minute.

Lap Dance – Bring foreplay to another level with a sexy private lap dance just for your eyes. Imagine the sensation of her every move between your thighs or watch her go down on you. As she enjoys the rhythm, think of how irresistible she would be in bed.

Shower For Two – If you haven’t done it in the shower, now is your chance! To make it sexier, lather a sponge and wash her body down. Think of how soft her skin would feel like at the back of her thighs, her stomach and her breasts.

Striptease – Feel your manliness intensify with arousal. Watch her take her clothing off in the sultriest way piece by piece. Eventually only her hands remain to cover her breasts until she lets you see every curve of her luscious body.

Fantasy Costume – Want to see your girlfriend in a sexy nurse outfit or in a hot police uniform? Escorts are ready to bring your fantasy to life with costumes that can stimulate and get you aroused until you get high with pleasure and excitement.

Sensual Massage – Get ready to be pampered by a sensual massage that’s combined with a few surprising intimate acts. Feel not only her hands but her mouth and tongue tracing the oils in every inch of your body. This is a unique experience.

Mutual Oral – You might know it as the classic 69. Satisfy each other at the same time with powerful oral stimulation. Watch her go mad with arousal and get yourself transported into orgasmic bliss. Mutual oral is one of the best things ever invented.

Cuddling – One of the perks of GFE is cuddling. After all, both of you will need to rest after an intense lovemaking. Drown her in your caress to show your appreciation. Playfully touch each other until you feel the wave of arousal once again.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get loose and forget the limits and boundaries of sexual inhibitions. You can have an erotic Girlfriend Experience with Escort Sydney Girls. It’s a special experience you’ll never forget.

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